2019 Palm Tree

Ben Hagwood, Chair, enthused about UMiami support of the P.A.L.M.T.R.E.E. symposium
Group photo from P.A.L.M.T.R.E.E keynote dinner
Black Argumentation Professionals enjoying community lunch at the P.A.L.M.T.R.E.E. symposium
Tabroom Workshp led by Chris Palmer at P.A.L.M.T.R.E.E. symposium
Kimberly Willingham leads a workshop on creating debate inspired classrooms at P.A.L.M.T.R.E.E symposium
Dynamic presentation from Ed Lee on the master’s tools strategic partnerships and the ways debate (not competition) can be a vehicle for change at P.A.L.M.T.R.E.E.
Ranner Faugas preparing to present on making debate association accessible to diverse students at P.A.L.M.T.R.E.E.